The network capacity of a server determines how quickly your websites shall open and what number of people will be able to visit them simultaneously. However, this is not the only factor, but it is a really significant one. On one side, regardless how optimized a given Internet site may be, bad connectivity would mean low loading speeds or even service interruptions, especially if only 1 Internet provider is used to access the hosting server. On the other hand, a superb connection with small capacity will permit only a small number of visitors to explore the site concurrently, while new visitors will have hard time loading any content. In this sense, the prosperity of your website relies upon not just on the content, but also on the site’s accessibility and loading speed. These two components are determined by the connection which the hosting server uses.

DirectAdmin with Unlimited Domains in Hosting

Our machines are based in three data centers throughout the world - in the USA, in the UK and in Australia. You shall be able to choose the location of your new hosting account during the signup process, but your website visitors will be unable to tell the difference, because the multi-gigabit connection that we use will ensure quick loading speeds for your websites regardless of the location of the facility that you've selected. The data centers have direct fiber lines to a number of major cities in their respective regions and use numerous Internet backbone providers to ensure fast and uninterrupted access to all of the servers. In addition, we use new highly efficient hardware for the network which connects the clusters on our cloud hosting platform, so as to guarantee quick access to each and every website hosted on it.