In the event that you've ever had a hosting account in the past or you've dealt with any other type of online service, you are probably aware from personal experience that for many things it's better to talk to a live person on the phone rather than exchange support tickets or emails. In order to know more about a particular service before you buy it or if something small should be done, for instance, it will be much easier and faster to do it real-time. When you have the option to contact representatives by phone, it's also very likely that you are using the services of a real hosting provider, not a reseller. The level of support that you will get on the phone may differ between different providers - from standard matters to experienced tech support. Typically most providers supply pre-sales assistance and 1st level phone support, while more complex technical issues are handled via email or tickets.

Phone Support in Hosting

All our hosting plans include phone support fourteen hrs a day even on official holidays, so if you do not have an account yet, you can call us and learn more about our services or if we will meet the system requirements for your sites. For your convenience, we have local telephone lines in the United States, Great Britain and Australia, so that you can call the phone number that is nearer to you. In case you're an existing customer, we will assist you in a timely manner with any general and billing issues and with various tech matters to save you time and efforts - we are aware of the fact that sometimes it's quicker to speak with a live person to get things done right away. Certainly, some issues simply cannot be resolved over the phone, so if this is the case you'll be able to employ our ticketing system.