Python is a very popular general-purpose computer programming language, which is used for the development of various apps, for instance CGI scripts and web software. The reason that causes it to be appealing to programmers is that it has crystal clear syntax and also it supports modules - bits of code which include some subroutines and do specific things. Working with modules can help you save a lot of time and effort for the reason that you'll be able to just "call" some module inside your script, instead of writing all the code for that attribute. Python is used for various programs for example online games, content management systems, database management systems, RSS readers, text and data processors and many more. Every Python-based script could be included in a site that's created in a different programming language.

Python in Hosting

All Linux hosting packages that we provide are compatible with Python, so if you want to add a script written in this language to a website hosted on our hi-tech cloud platform, you will not have any kind of difficulties to run it. The Apache mod_python module which renders the interpretation of Python code possible is available on all our servers. You can work with your own private code, third-party scripts and modules, or you can combine them and create a tailor-made web application according to your preferences, depending on what the app has to do. This way, you are able to broaden the capabilities of your websites and boost the user experience of all of your visitors. Python is a multifunctional programming language, so you can blend its capabilities with many things the other web-oriented languages offer and get the maximum of both.